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Board of Trustees

Phil Appenzeller
Place 7

Christina Hall
Vice President
Place 6

Archimedes Faulkner
Place 1

Gary Bingham
Place 3
Greg Everett
Greg Everett
Place 4

Cary Tanamachi, M.D.
Place 2
Robert Seward
Robert Seward
Place 5


Role of the Board
With the children of the Mesquite ISD foremost in their minds, the Board members set the direction for the school district. The Board acts as a whole — not as individuals. It is the responsibility of Board members to ensure that the system is responding.

Board members are elected at large for three-year terms. Elections take place on the first Saturday in May, and terms are staggered to ensure there are always experienced members on the Board. Members serve without pay.

To maintain their ongoing education requirement, Board members must participate in local and state orientation sessions annually. They must complete at least 16 hours during their first year on the Board and eight hours of continuing education during each subsequent year of service. In addition, members study volumes of background material on school finance, curriculum and state law.

School Board Meetings
Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the MISD Board Room, Professional Development Center, 2600 Motley Dr.

The agenda and location are posted five days prior to the meeting, and the agenda is available at the location at the time of the meeting.

All regular board meetings are public meetings; however, a public meeting is not an open forum. Public participation is limited to the section called Audience Items so the Board may deliberate important decisions without distraction or interference.

For more information about televised meetings of the Board of Trustees, call the MISD School Information Line at: (972)289-MISD.

Broadcast Schedule
School Board meetings are aired on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Time Warner Cable Channel 15.3.

Addressing the Board
If you ask to address the Board regarding a particular issue, you will be given approximately three minutes to present a statement to the Board during one of the audience portions of the meeting.

Please understand that the Board members are prohibited from entering into a discussion with patrons during the audience portion of the meeting. They can listen to a patron’s statement, but they may not respond to a patron’s questions or comments during the Board meeting.

To speak to the Board regarding an item on the agenda, contact the superintendent prior to the meeting. At the Board’s discretion, patrons may address the Board on agenda items without prior notice during the first part of the meeting; however, Board actions are limited to those items on the printed agenda, which is posted according to law prior to the meeting.

If you wish to speak about a subject not on the agenda, you may address the Board during the audience portion of the meeting, which follows all agenda items. To speak during the audience portion, complete the form found in the brochures on the tables outside the Board Room and give the form to a staff member or the Board president.

Public Hearings
The Board occasionally conducts public hearings when public comment is sought. Public participation is limited to specific times so that the Board may deliberate and confer without distractions.

For information about how to contact a Board member, call the Superintendent’s Office at (972) 288-6411.