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Legislative Compliance

House Bill 914 Compliance
The 79th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 914, which establishes new conflict-of-interest disclosure requirements for local government officers. That bill was recently codified in the Texas Local Government Code and goes into effect on January 1, 2006. The new law requires school board members and superintendents to file conflicts disclosure statements revealing certain relationships they may have with vendors doing business or seeking to do business with their school districts. It also mandates that trustees and superintendents report certain gifts received from current vendors and those seeking to become vendors.

The Texas Ethics Commission promotes public confidence in electoral and governmental processes by enforcing, administering, and training state officers and employees on applicable laws governing standards of conduct, personal financial disclosure, lobby registration and activities, political contributions and expenditures, and political advertising. For more information, visit the Texas Ethics Commission website.


Conflict of Interest Forms

Chapter 176, Local Government Code
The Texas Ethics Commission adopted Forms CIS and CIQ pursuant to H.B. 914. Please note that the Texas Ethics Commission does NOT have jurisdiction to interpret or enforce Chapter 176 of the Government Code. Also, please note that these forms are NOT filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.


Public Notice

Mesquite ISD Special Education Department intends to proceed with a destruction of special education records. Records that are slated for destruction are any special education records from 2006-2007. If you would like to receive your records prior to destruction please contact the special education office at 972-882-7701 by August 11, 2014.

No Child Left Behind

Section 1111(h)(2) of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires each local school district to disseminate the NCLB report card by making it available on the district website. To meet this requirement the Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides these statistics at the state level and for each district or campus that is required. The report card and glossary may be found on the Texas Education Agency website at the following link: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index4.aspx?id=2147493710&menu_id=798

Forms Filed with MISD

Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement

Robert Seward

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

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