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Central Office Staff Directory
Dr. Linda Henrie

Dr. Cathy Rideout
Associate Superintendent, Instructional Services

Areas of Oversight
Special Education
Student Achievement and Assessment

Michael Coffey
Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services

Areas of Oversight
Construction Services
Facilities Management
Technical Services
Energy Management

Kathryn Bohling
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Areas of Oversight
Fixed Assets
Food Service
Risk Management

Lanny Frasier
Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Services

Areas of Oversight
Personnel Services
Staff Development
Employee Health Clinic

Dr. Denise Kutch
Assistant Superintendent, Planning and Improvement Services

Areas of Oversight
Community Education
Information Systems
Information Technology


To locate a staff member by topic, refer to our Who to Call list.

Allen, Casey Coordinator - Special Ed. 882-7704
Andre, Steve Director - Fine Arts 882-7300
Armand, Richard Administrative Officer - Technology 882-7479
Ballou, Paul Planetarium Facilitator 882-7752
Barajas, Lisa Webmaster 882-7378
Bishop, Melanie Director - Personnel Services 882-7315
Bohling, Kathryn Administrative Officer - Special Education Services 882-7703
Bragg, Steve Administrative Officer - Athletics 882-7380
Breeding, Kathy Coordinator - Elementary Language Arts 882-7350
Brooks, Peggy Station Manager - KEOM Radio 882-7560
Burns, Ed Administrative Officer - Instruction 882-7379
Burns, Mandi Administrative Officer - Budget/Finance 882-7319
Cain, Brian Director - Data Management 882-5475
Capps, Donna Assistant Athletic Director 882-7408
Coffey, Michael Assistant Superintendent - Administrative Services 882-7313
Coldwell, Chris Software Specialist 882-7434
Coulson, Sandra Coordinator - Gifted/Talented 882-7369
Court, Susie Administrative Officer - Instruction 882-7314
Danaher, Dr. Gary Coordinator - Fixed Assets 882-5407
Dittman, Beth Director - Health Services 882-7355
Drake, Alan Assistant Director - Data Management 882-7343
Ennis, Buddy Field Supervisor - Construction 882-7386
Farley, Leigh Coordinator - Career and Technical Education 882-7348
Flanery, Kristi Coordinator - Special Ed. 882-7705
Ford, Christina Risk Management/Operations Manager 882-7401
Franklin, Treva Administrative Officer - Curriculum 882-7377
Frasier, Lanny Assistant Superintendent - Personnel Services 882-7466
Harris, Dr. Tina Coordinator - Compensatory Programs 882-8707
Henderson, Susan Coordinator - Physical Education and Health Education 882-7413
Henrie, Dr. Linda Superintendent 882-7311
Hevron, Dennis Director - Technical Services 882-7383
Horn, Mike Administrative Officer - Transportation 882-7551
Huckaby, ARM-P, James Administrative Officer - Operations/Risk Management 882-7333
Hudson, Jason Director - Career and Technical Education 882-7374
Hulme, Jennifer Coordinator - Title 1/District Homeless Liaison 882-7351
Jaynes, Eddie Coordinator - Campus Services 882-7328
Jobe, Laura Administrative Officer - Communications 882-7406
King, Lane Director - Information Systems 882-7332
Kinsworthy, Diane Payroll Manager 882-7318
Koonce, Richard Assistant Superintendent - Business Services 882-7409
Kutch, Dr. Denise Assistant Superintendent - Planning and Improvement Services 882-7396
Lewallyn, Allison Coordinator - Communications 882-7407
Lincoln, Dr. Mona Administrative Officer – Executive Services 882-7419
Lloyd, Karen Administrative Officer – Instruction 882-7403
Martin, Jennifer Coordinator - Career and Technical Education 882-7458
Martinez, Diana Coordinator - Bilingual ESL Coordinator 882-8726
Maxwell, Charles Director - Energy Management 882-5522
McAda, Donna Administrative Officer - Student Achievement and Assessment 882-7448
McCollum, Margaret Transportation Manager 882-7552
McIver, Brandi Wellness Facilitator 882-5085
Minx, Rosa Coordinator - Special Ed. 882-7707
Mogg, Bette Director - Food Services 882-5514
Mullenix, Kristie Coordinator - Special Ed. 882-7706
Nichols, Tara Coordinator - Mathematics 882-7353
Nix, Dr. Karen Administrative Officer - Staff Development 882-7391
Owens, Scott Director - Facilities Management 882-5505
Palmer, Dr. Joel Coordinator - Science 882-7388
Porter, Lisa Benefits Manager 882-7469
Price, Shannon Coordinator - Special Ed. 882-7718
Pyles, Carolyn Coordinator - Secondary Language Arts/ Journalism/Foreign Language 882-7352
Randall, Mary Senior Director - Personnel Services 882-7473
Rideout, Dr. Cathy Associate Superintendent - Instruction 882-7341
Rideout, Deryl Coordinator - Instructional Technology 882-7464
Sanford, Larry Director – Auxiliary Personnel Services
Shewmake, Debbie Administrative Officer - Instruction 882-7329
Swartz, Debbie Library Technology Facilitator 882-5547
Tanton, Debi Coordinator - Staff Development 882-7485
Talbot, Rusty Administrative Officer - Purchasing/Food Service 882-5543
Taylor, Gary Assistant Athletic Director 882-7727
Tolleson, Caleb Coordinator - Social Studies 882-7346
Wilcox, Ella Mae Coordinator - Construction Services 882-7386
Wisdom, Betty Coordinator - Special Ed. 882-7708
Woodard, Mary Director - Library Services 882-7450
Wright, Stephanie Supervisor - Regional Day School for the Deaf 882-8710