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Directory by Department

The Mesquite Independent School District
405 East Davis Street
Mesquite, Texas, 75149

Phone: (972) 288-6411
TDD (for hearing impaired): (972) 822-7795
Rumor Control and Information Hotline: (972) 882-KIDS

If you have a specific question, please select the appropriate person from the following list.

Department Name Phone Number
Advanced Placement Testing Donna McAda (972) 882-7448
Athletics Steve Bragg (972) 882-7380
Attendance Ed Burns (972) 882-7379
Attendance Zones Ella Mae Wilcox (972) 882-7386
BEES Center Diana Sanchez (972) 882-7215
Benefits Lisa Porter (972) 882-7469
Bilingual Education Diana Martinez (972) 882-8726
Bus Schedules Transportation (972) 882-7550
Business Services Cherry Bell (972) 882-7394
Career and Technical Education Programs Jason Hudson (972) 882-7374
Clinic (MEHC)   (972) 882-7120
Communications Linda Williams (972) 882-7404
Community Education Wendee Doty (972) 882-7709
Construction Services Michael Coffey (972) 882-7313
Counseling Debbie Shewmake (972) 882-7329
Credit by Examination Treva Franklin (972) 882-7377
Curriculum Treva Franklin (972) 882-7377
Data Management Brian Cain (972) 882-5475
Discipline Campus Principal  
Dress Code Campus Principal  
Drug Education Treva Franklin (972) 882-7377
Duke TIP, PSAT, SAT, ACT Donna McAda (972) 882-7448
Dyslexia Dr. Tina Harris (972) 882-8730
Employment Personnel Services (972) 882-7368
Energy Management Chuck Maxwell (972) 882-5523
Facilities Management Scott Owens (972) 882-5554
Facility Rentals Cherry Bell (972) 882-7394
Fine Arts Steve Andre (972) 882-7300
Fixed Assets Gary Danaher (972) 882-5407
Flyers Laura Jobe (972) 882-7406
Food Services Bette Mogg (972) 882-5500
Foreign Languages Carolyn Pyles (972) 882-7352
Foundation Randy Lewallyn (972) 882-7513
Free and Reduced Lunches Food Services (972) 882-5500
General Information Communications (972) 882-7404
Gifted and Talented Program Sandra Coulson (972) 882-7369
Graduation Requirements Campus Counselor  
Health Services Beth Dittman, R.N. (972) 882-7355
Home Schooling Debbie Shewmake (972) 882-7329
Hospital/Homebound Services Kathryn Bohling (972) 882-7703
Immunizations Beth Dittman, R.N. (972) 882-7355
Information Systems Lane King (972) 882-7449
Information Technology Richard Armand (972) 882-7479
Instructional Technology Deryl Rideout (972) 882-7464
Internal Auditor Teresa Robarge (972) 882-7566
JROTC Lt. Col. Jerry Jochum (972) 882-5411
L. A. Berry Support Center Pat Silaff (972) 882-5402
Library Services Mary Woodard (972) 882-5548
Maintenance Scott Owens (972) 882-5505
Mesquite Education Association Kristin Hiney (972) 882-5504
Operations Department James E. Huckaby (972) 882-7333
Payroll Diane Kinsworthy (972) 882-7318
Personnel   (972) 882-7368
Pharmacy   (972) 882-7125
Planetarium Paul Ballou (972) 882-7752
Planning & Improvement Dr. Denise Kutch (972) 882-7396
Policy and Regulations Campus Principal  
Pre-Kindergarten Program Treva Franklin (972) 882-7377
Print Shop Teresa Butler (972) 882-7326
Psychological Services Kristi Mullenix (972) 882-7700
Purchasing Rusty Talbot (972) 882-5542
Risk Management James E. Huckaby (972) 882-7333
Scholarships Campus Counselor  
School Supply List Individual Campuses  
Services for the Deaf Stephanie Wright (972) 882-8710
Special Education Kathryn Bohling (972) 882-7700
Special Education Records Debbie LaCour (972) 882-7701
Staff Development Dr. Karen Nix (972) 882-7393
Standardized Testing Donna McAda (972) 882-7448
Student Achievement & Assessment Donna McAda (972) 882-7448
Student Records Individual Campuses  
Substitute Teaching   (972) 882-7368
Summer School Karen Lloyd (972) 882-7403
Superintendent’s Office Linda Samples (972) 882-7311
Technical Services Dennis Hevron (972) 882-5502
Textbooks Eddie Jaynes (972) 882-7328
Title Programs (Title I, II, IV, and V) Treva Franklin (972) 882-7377
Title Programs (Title III) Ed Burns (972) 882-7379
Transportation Mike Horn (972) 882-7550
Website Lisa Barajas (972) 882-7378


Rumor and Information Hotline - 972-882-KIDS

When events such as bomb threats occur, it can be very scary for parents, students and school employees. During these difficult times, rumors abound. To provide our community with an avenue to get the facts and share ideas and concerns, the Mesquite ISD has established a Rumor Control and Information Hotline. The hotline number is 972-882-KIDS.

This hotline will be manned during the school day, Monday through Friday. In the event of a campus emergency or rumor of violence, you may call this hotline number to get immediate and accurate information about the situation or express your concerns or suggestions to district staff. We respect the fact that as parents, you need to know the truth about situations that may affect your children. We are also willing to listen to any concerns or ideas you may have regarding campus safety issues. In addition, please remember to stayed tuned to our district radio station, KEOM-88.5 FM and our district website, for the latest MISD information. KEOM is one of the most effective ways we have to deliver information about our schools, and we will use it to broadcast instructions if necessary.

Be assured that the district continues to take every precaution to ensure the safety of our students. Whenever the slightest hint of danger comes to light, it is investigated immediately and thoroughly by the proper authorities who are trained to handle such situations.