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Gifted and Talented Program
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  Sandra Coulson, Coordinator 972-882-7369  


Mesquite Independent School District’s purpose in developing this program is to provide the gifted with a nurturing environment, a differentiated curriculum, and a trained, enlightened staff. By encouraging gifted students to become autonomous learners through a challenging program, future generations will have the socially and ethically responsible leaders, producers, inventors, philosophers, and visionaries who can make valuable contributions to our world as well as our community.

Needs of the Gifted Child

While gifted children share with all children the same basic need for love and acceptance, they also have a powerful need for a differentiated curriculum. Gifted students have abilities that allow them to move at a faster pace and to retain knowledge in greater depth when compared with other students. Gifted students also have the ability to make insightful connections between pieces of information and events.

Because of their unique abilities, gifted students require access to a challenging curriculum and to encounters with their intellectual peers. They need to be exposed to varied subjects, to share and discuss their ideas verbally, and to explore their own interests. Mesquite ISD offers special programming for gifted students in order to meet their need for a differentiated curriculum.


Gifted students are identified through a four-step process:

  1. nomination
  2. screening
  3. selection
  4. placement

The final selection for placement is made by a committee of at least three local district educators who have received training in the nature and needs of gifted students.

Screening involves the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. Achievement tests; educational abilities tests; student performance as recorded with grades, portfolios, and interviews; teacher/parent checklists; and district testing are considered during the screening process.


Evaluation of the Mesquite Gifted Program is based on student growth as determined by testing (standardized and criterion referenced) and/or evaluation of student products. Input from students, teachers, administration, and parents is gained through conferences and evaluation rating instruments.

Gifted and Talented Programs
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