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  Contact Information for Curriculum - Instructional Services Department    
  Phone Index Phone Index  
  Dr. Cathy Rideout, Associate Superintendent - Instruction 972-882-7341  
  Ed Burns, Administrative Officer – Instruction 972-882-7379  
  Susie Court, Administrative Officer – Instruction 972-882-7314  
  Karen Lloyd, Administrative Officer – Instruction 972-882-7403  
  Deborah Shewmake, Administrative Officer – Instruction 972-882-7329  
  Treva Franklin, Administrative Officer – Curriculum 972-882-7377  
  Donna McAda, Administrative Officer - Student Achievement & Assessment 972-882-7448  
  Jason Hudson, Director - Career & Technology Education 972-882-7374  
  Steve Andre, Director - Fine Arts 972-882-7300  
  Beth Dittman, Director - Health Services 972-882-7355  
  Diana Martinez, Coordinator  - Bilingual/ESL 972-882-8726  
  Jennifer Martin, Coordinator - Business Technology 972-882-7458  
  John Knight, Coordinator - Campus Services 972-882-7328  
  Leigh Farley, Coordinator - Career & Technology Education 972-882-7348  
  Tina Harris, Coordinator - Compensatory Programs 972-882-8707  
  Kathy Breeding, Coordinator - Elementary Language Arts 972-882-7350  
  Sandra Coulson, Coordinator - Gifted/Talented 972-882-7369  
  Tara Nichols, Coordinator – Mathematics 972-882-7353  
  Wendi Hatley, Coordinator - Physical Education & Health Education 972-882-7413  
  Dr. Joel Palmer, Coordinator - Science 972-882-7388  
  Carolyn Pyles, Coordinator - Secondary Language Arts/ Journalism/Foreign Language/ Reading 972-882-7352  
  Daniel Norwood, Coordinator - Social Studies 972-882-7346  
  Jennifer Hulme, Coordinator - Title 1 & Homeless Liaison 972-882-7351  
  Andrea Oliver, Eduphoria Project Manager 972-882-7414  
  Kem Edwards, Career and Technology Education Counselor Facilitator 972-882-7441  
  Reyna Brown, Senior Assistant to Dr. Cathy Rideout 972-882-7373  
  Brenda Bryan, Administrative Assistant  to Jennifer Hulme, Beth Dittman, Carolyn Pyles 972-882-7316  
  Toni Price, Title I Clerical Assistant to Jennifer Hulme 972-882-7444  
  Maria Zamarripa, Administrative Assistant to Diana Martinez,Wendi Hatley, Tina Harris 972-882-7330  
  Laura Barber, Administrative Assistant to Treva Franklin 972-882-7442  
  Sandra Hogue, Administrative Assistant to Kathy Breeding, Caleb Tolleson, Joel Palmer 972-882-7372  
  Brenda Christian, Administrative Assistant to Tara Nichols, Steve Andre, Sandra Coulson 972-882-7370  
  Connie Rossi, Administrative Assistant to Jason Hudson, Leigh Farley, Jennifer Martin 972-882-7376  
  Felicia Simmons, Administrative Assistant to Susie Court, Donna McAda, Ed Burns, Karen Lloyd, Debbie Shewmake 972-882-7489  
  Sandy Salazar, Administrative Assistant to Susie Court, Donna McAda, Ed Burns, Karen Lloyd, Debbie Shewmake 972-882-7402  
  Jazzeth Morales, Administrative Assistant to Susie Court, Donna McAda, Ed Burns, Karen Lloyd, Debbie Shewmake 972-882-7788  
  Ady Reyna, PEIMS Data Clerk - Bilingual 972-882-7349  

School Improvement as a Standard

We believe schools should continually improve; maintaining the status quo is not good enough for MISD students, and decline is unacceptable. Mesquite schools are committed to a comprehensive improvement plan based on a body of research called the Effective Schools Research. Six correlates form the framework of the MISD improvement effort.

  • An effective school has a strong instructional leader, a principal who is focused on students and learning.
  • An effective school focuses on a set of goals and a stated mission that drive the improvement activities.
  • An effective school measures student progress and changes programs to meet student needs.
  • An effective school maintains a positive school climate which is orderly, safe, warm and caring.
  • All staff members and students hold high expectations for student learning.
  • An effective school has evident parent involvement in the school program.

To Help Teachers Teach the Whole Child...

  • Many different comprehensive programs are in place that are designed to meet the needs of diverse learning abilities and styles.
  • A complete student activities program helps keep students involved in school and learning lifetime skills.
  • Services for children such as counseling and bilingual programs are expanding to meet the changing needs of the student population.