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Mesquite’s 88.5 FM KEOM Open to New On-Air Student Talent
  Contact Information for KEOM    
  Phone Index Phone Index  
  Peggy Brooks, Station/Program Manager 972-882-7561  
  Shondra Tharp, Teacher 972-882-7564  
  Camille Turner, Teacher 972-882-7590  
  Cecelia Riggle, Administrative Assistant 972-882-7560  
  Chris Douglas, Music Manager    
  Steve Glenn, Sports Director    
  Dean Bailey, Part-Time Staff    
  Martha Hogue, Part-Time Staff    
  Mallorie Marsh, Part-Time Staff 972-882-7376  


KEOM, Mesquite ISD’s awarding-winning radio station, is seeking new on-air student talent for this fall semester. Interested students should call 972-882-7560 or send an email to pbrooks@mesquiteisd.org. Auditions for the spring 2013 semester will take place in January.

Requirements for the “Advanced Broadcast  Journalism Class:

  • Must be a Mesquite ISD high school student.
  • Must have transportation to and from the KEOM studios to attend class.
  • Students are selected based on specific audition and curricular criteria.
  • Other requirements include regular attendance, passing grades and a cooperative spirit.

KEOM is a cooperative operation with student staff.  Participation in performing all staff duties and assisting with events and other initiatives is required. 

“Students will learn to operate a console board, production skills, speaking skills, script writing, interviewing, news and journalism,” said Station Manager Peggy Brooks, who said the program is great for students interested in fields such as radio or broadcast journalism, film, communications, advertising and public relations.

“You do not need to be pursuing radio as a career for this class to be beneficial,” she said, adding this class helps improve communication skills and boost self-confidence.

“Operating the broadcast console and the other studio equipment may seem challenging at first, but we provide all the educational and mentorship required,” Brooks said.

Various media sources, including mp3 files, CDs, cassettes, flash cards and more, are used to broadcast KEOM’s range of educational, informational and musical programming.