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Russell Planetarium
  Contact Information for Russell Planetarium    
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  Paul Ballou, Planetarium Facilitator 972-882-7752  
  Cindy Bosscawen, Planetarium Secretary 972-882-7756  

Main Phone: 972-882-7750

Constructed in 1977, near West Mesquite High School, the MISD Russell Planetarium continues to serve our students. Each year approximately 15,000 students visit the planetarium to enrich their understanding of the Earth and the universe.

In 2008, the planetarium undertook an extensive renovation by installing SciDome, a state of the art, full-dome digital projection system. With the SciDome system it is possible to simulate flying through space, to view objects from Earth in stunning detail and to simulate the view from any location in the solar system at just about anytime in the past or future. SciDome can also present the latest in full-dome digital productions being produced by museums and other scientific institutions. When students leave the planetarium we hope that they will feel inspired to learn more about the Earth and our place in space.

For more information about the Russell Planetarium, teachers, students, and community guests are invited to visit us at our Google Apps web site.


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Dr. Richard R. Russell Planetarium
2501 Memorial
Mesquite, TX 75149 USA
(972) 882 7750 Fax (972) 882 7753

Serving Mesquite, Texas (USA) students and teachers since 1977, Russell Planetarium is located next to Memorial Stadium, at the foot of the Communications Tower. The facility was named for the late school board president and physician Dr. Richard Russell.

  • Visited by up to 30,000 students annually
  • Presents programs ranging from Kindergarten to 12th Grade
  • Projects the stars on a dome that is 9.1 meters (30 feet) across
  • Has a college-style lecture hall that seats 98