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Student Handbook and Code of Conduct
Student Handbook
Download the Student Handbook (English)

Student Code of Conduct
Download the Student Code of Conduct
Student Code of Conduct (Spanish)
Código de Conducta del Estudiante

To Students and Parents:

Welcome to the new school year! Teachers and other school staff members want this year to be an especially goodone for each child. For this to happen, we all have to work together: students, parents, and teachers. This student handbook is designed to help us do this.

The student handbook contains information that both students and parents are likely to need during the school year. Throughout the handbook you will notice symbols that indicate whether a policy applies only to students at certain campus levels. There is a key at the bottom of each page to explain these symbols. If there is no symbol next to a statement, then it applies to ALL STUDENTS. We have attempted to make the language as straightforward as possible; however, please be aware that the term “the student’s parent” is used to refer to the parent, legal guardian, or other person who has agreed to assume a school-related responsibility for a student.

The student handbook is designed to be in harmony with Board policy and the Student Code of Conduct. Please be aware that the Handbook is updated yearly, while policy adoption and revision may occur throughout the year. Changes in policy that affect student handbook provisions will be made available to students and parents through newsletters, the MISD website (www.mesquiteisd.org) and other communications.

You are invited to submit comments or suggestions concerning the 2014-15 student code of conduct including the student dress code. Please send them by May 15 to scourt@mesquiteisd.org or to the following address:

Instruction Office
Mesquite ISD
405 E. David
Mesquite, TX 75149

In case of conflict between Board policy or the Student Code of Conduct and any provisions of student handbooks, the provisions of Board policy or the Student Code of Conduct that were most recently adopted by the Board are to be followed.

Two separate documents have been combined in these pages for your convenience. The student handbook details general and academic information. The second section, the Student Code of Conduct, is numbered separately.

The last page of this book is a signature page with a letter from Dr. Linda Henrie, Superintendent of Schools. All students should return this signed form to their schools. Please take the time to look over the information provided. Understanding this information will assist you in the path to success in Mesquite ISD schools.

If changes in local policy or state law become effective after the printing of this book, they will supersede the information currently printed in this book.