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Student Dress Code

Elementary Dress Code
It has long been the philosophy of the Mesquite Independent School District that the public school system is responsible for the total development of each child enrolled within its schools.

This total development includes the training of students in social and moral standards, ethical conduct, good manners, and good grooming as well as the teaching of academic subjects.

With this philosophy in mind, the Board of Trustees has approved the following dress code.



Standard Dress
In its quest for excellence, Mesquite ISD is committed to requiring a higher expectation of dress for our students. The district believes that students should dress in a way that is appropriate for the learning environment. Maintaining a school atmosphere suitable for academic study will help students focus on the business of school. The Standard Dress Policy is a vital step toward furthering excellence and better preparing our students for college, careers, and life as adults.

Five Mesquite ISD elementary schools have adopted the standard dress policy for all students:  Florence Elementary, McKenzie Elementary, McWhorter Elementary, Porter Elementary and Range Elementary. Refer to MISD’s standard dress policy for secondary students to see the guidelines acceptable for these five elementary schools.


Tips for Middle & High School
Students on MISD Dress Code

In the 2014-2015 school year, expect a greater focus districtwide on middle school and high school dress code adherence. The goal of Mesquite ISD's Standard Dress Policy is to create an atmosphere of high achievement and focus on the business of school.

Learn how to meet expectations: http://youtu.be/wuWuh0Yrzdc